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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Major Leak Drops

So the Galaxy S22 Ultra continues to headline the tech news. We’re still a little over a month away from the Unpacked Event but the fact the handset keeps making the news shows people are really excited for the comeback of the Galaxy Note after went missing this year. Today we have a lot of information about the handset starting with the camera. You see recently we saw that the S22 Ultra will have a significant improvement in image quality despite offering the same camera hardware as the S21 Ultra.

This is due to better optimization and a better image signal processor as well as a better GPU. Of course, not to forget a much improved Artificial intelligence prowess of the new chipsets. But what about the video quality? Will we see improvements over there as well? Yes, we will. We have information from Ice Universe as well as this person who has access to inside S22 Ultra information. According to him, the S22 Ultra will feature a wide-shift OIS that improves video stabilization by a staggering 58%.

Not really sure if this is because of a new Optical image stabilization hardware but 58% is a lot. Samsung already offers the best video stabilization amongst its peers so the S22 Ultra will only take their dominance in this area to even more heights. Next, the S22 Ultra will have video portrait mode just like the cinematic mode on the latest iPhones.

To be honest, Samsung flagships have had this feature for a while now but this time with the S22 Ultra the video portrait mode can predict a person’s movement for better background blur. It will use AI to make this happen. The handset will also feature 12-bit video recording capabilities using Pro Mode. Current flagships use 10-bit video recording.

The difference is the 12 bit contains 64 times more color information than a 10-bit so upgrading the bit depth is the best way to capture the highest-quality video, including bumps to dynamic range and color rendering. Not to mention 12 bi


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