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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra real-life photos design elements

So the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be revealed in less than 48 hours of time in an Unpacked event and Samsung just announced that it used a “new material” in the making of the Galaxy S22 phones. one that’s made from the plastic in discarded fishing nets. Samsung says it’ll soon incorporate repurposed ocean-bound plastics across its whole product lineup, and the first example will be the Galaxy S22 lineup.

They didn’t disclose just what percentage of this new material makes up the S22 phones because all three S22 devices are largely clad in metal and glass. But in any case, it’s good to see Samsung making their products more sustainable. Moving on, live images of the Galaxy S22 Ultra along with all three Galaxy Tab S8 tablets have been revealed.

These are promotional official pictures from Samsung themselves which show the S22+ in white, S22 Ultra in black, and the new tablets. It shows nothing new but gives us an idea about the size difference when paired with each other. Even though the Tab S8 Ultra features a massive 14.6″ display which is now the biggest mainstream tablet but the form factor is almost similar to the Tab S7+ and that’s because of the reduced bezels.

The images show the S8 Ultra running Adobe Photoshop and using the S22 Ultra as a companion display. Here are all the color options for the tablets. All of them features the recognizable black window design, which houses the magnetic strip for the S Pen and the camera frame. And if you don’t know already, you will get the S Pen inside the box doesn’t matter which tablet you get. Anyway, we’ve already seen the night mode camera samples of the S22 Ultra and now, Samsung has posted the daylight photos of the ongoing Olympic event in Beijing.

Again, Samsung didn’t mention whether or not these are taken with the S22 Ultra but they are using the caption with Galaxy in every photo, and considering the S22 Ultra is just on the horizon, it only makes sense these are from the S22 Ultra itself. As for the quality, they look stunning with lots of detail, the HDR is on point, notably, there’s hardly any flare from the sun courtesy of the new super clear lens I guess and overall the images just pop.

Next, here’s some good news for the Galaxy Note users in Vietnam. If they upgrade their Galaxy Note to the S22 Ultra, they will receive the 45W charger for absolutely free. Do note that this is for Vietnam, I’m not sure whether or not other countries will get the same deal. I guess we’ll know soon enough. Also, here’s another good news for Indian users.

According to the latest report, India will indeed get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 variant of the S22 instead of the usual Exynos. Indian consumers have been demanding a Snapdragon version of Galaxy S and Note series phones for years now, and it looks like Samsung has finally acknowledged their request.


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