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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – TOP 10 FEATURES

So the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a superphone made from the best of both worlds, the S and Note series. It has a lot of notable upgrades over its predecessor so let’s take a look at the top 10 features of the phone that make it the smartphone to beat in 2022. A new Note The S22 Ultra is an S series only in the name. It’s basically a Note device with the signature boxy design and a built-in S Pen which is a notable upgrade over the S21 Ultra; that phone had to use an optional case to hold its Stylus.

Brightest display ever with Vision booster The display on the S22 Ultra is the brightest ever at 1750 nits up from 1500 on its predecessor. But most importantly it has vision booster technology where the display automatically adjusts the contrast and colors depending on the brightness levels. This will prevent the washed-up content we get when we increase the brightness to max. Not only that the LTPO display can also go all the way down to 1Hz which was limited to 10 on the S21 Ultra.

Thus saving crucial battery life. 5 years of software updates That’s right! The S22 Ultra will receive 4 new generations of Android OS upgrades and security patches for 5 years. Since the phone is equipped with Android 12, it will go up to Android 16 and receive its final patch in 2027 which is unheard of in the Android world. Game-changing camera Even though the S22 Ultra doesn’t have major changes in camera hardware, there’s a massive improvement in quality both day and night. And that’s because Samsung improved the pixel size by 123% which means more detail and more accurate colors.

Not only that the phone now takes two images simultaneously. One with 108MP for details and one with 12MP for brightness and then it combines both of them for a brighter detailed photo. They have also updated zoom sensors and you can see a huge difference. Arun says it captures the most realistic portrait photos ever thanks to improved AI. Samsung also says the night mode on this thing is unmatched and judging from early impressions, they weren’t messing around.

They also worked with Snapchat so that you can use all these features from the app itself. Samsung absolutely nailed the camera game with the S22 Ultra. Huge upgrades in video recording Not just photos there are huge improvements in the video as well. It takes far better portrait videos aka cinematic videos than Apple’s latest iPhones. The stabilization has been improved by a massive 58%, it captures 12-bit raw video, Samsung has included a super clear lens on the camera for clearer photos and videos, there are features like auto fps which automatically adjusts the fps depending on the lighting conditions for brighter and detailed footage in dark, and auto framing which adjusts the zoom levels depending on the people in the frame.

Like I’ve said, Samsung just raised the camera game to a whole new level. New cooling tech You see the new processors are so powerful that they generate a lot of heat so to counteract it Samsung included an updated cooling solution on the S22 Ultra. It uses a new thermal paste that’s capable of transferring heat 3.5x more efficiently. The vapor chamber used now covers a wider area which improves heat transfer and it also has a wide graphite sheet that diffuses heat away from the vapor chamber.

Sounds great on the paper but will have to see how it does in real life. Supernatural writing experience The S Pen on the S22 Ultra has a record latency at just 2.8ms. It’s an upgrade from 9ms on the S21 Ultra. Samsung is using AI to make it happen which predicts the path a user will draw for a supernatural writing experience. Toughest Galaxy yet The S22 Ultra is the toughest mainstream phone ever with Gorilla glass victus+ glass on both front and back and a stronger aluminum frame. It doesn’t mean the phone is unbreakable since glass is glass and glass breaks.

But it will handle the drops and scratches a little better than others. Fast charging It also comes with a true 45W charging support, unlike its predecessors. But Samsung isn’t providing this in the box, you need to get it separately. All in all, with the latest 4nm fast processors, the S22 Ultra is all to become the smartphone of the year 2022 even though we’re still in February.


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