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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Yes, This Looks Promising

This Looks Promising So in about a couple of days of time, one of the most anticipated handsets in recent times will finally be revealed. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is more like a superphone made from the best of both worlds, the Galaxy S and the Note which not only offers an inbuilt stylus but also a fresh design devoid of any camera bumps and top-notch core specifications.

Even though Samsung has made barely any changes to the hardware in the camera department, they still managed to improve the quality quite substantially thanks to a combination of a powerful chipset with better AI capabilities and better software optimization. Notably, Samsung themselves say the night mode on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is unlike any other.

It’s for sure is going to be better than Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPhone 13 Pro Max according to people familiar with the handset. Now, we don’t have to wait until the review units to come out to see the S22 Ultra’s night photography capabilities because it seems Samsung themselves have posted a camera sample of the S22 Ultra in their Twitter profile.

As you can see, the photo is from the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and Samsung is using the same caption that they have been using to hype up the low-light performance of the S22 Ultra in its teasers. It also mentions the Unpacked Event date. As for the image itself, it looks absolutely stunning.

Do note that, Twitter compresses the image and you lose a lot of detail when you upload something over there but despite that the results look very promising. We also have some other official camera samples as well in the form of marketing materials and again the photos look awesome. But keep in mind that.

These are probably captured by professionals with the use of camera gears. So it’s advisable to manage your expectations. Moving on, the S22 lineup has leaked so much that Samsung at this point doesn’t even care about hiding the handset. Samsung has posted a promotional image on its own Facebook


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