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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra early next year

So it’s been only two months since the Galaxy S22 Ultra has been officially revealed to the world, yet we are getting some important updates about its successor the Galaxy S23. You see, historically Samsung sticks to Qualcomm and in-house Exynos silicon for its flagship phones. And people’s responses are usually negative towards this approach. Because the Exynos variant almost always ends up being inferior to its Snapdragon counterpart.

Now, Samsung wants to change this by introducing a third chipset variant from Mediatek. A big South Korean publication, business insider reports that Samsung will equip some Galaxy S23 variants with Mediatek chipsets. Now, this is a little confusing because they didn’t mention whether they are using the Mediatek chips at the expense of Exynos silicons or they are planning to introduce a third chipset option where the Galaxy S23 will have the Snapdragon chips in the US, Canada, and China, Exynos in Europe and Mediatek in Asia.

However, the report did say that Exynos will lose ground as a result indicating that we’ll likely see Samsung using Mediatek processors in some regions probably in Asia whereas the US and Europe will continue to get Snapdragon and Exynos respectively. Now, this strategy is not bad at all in my opinion. You see a lot of you may not know this but Mediatek is the biggest chipset maker in the world even ahead of Qualcomm.

The reason you may not know this is they don’t have a good presence in the flagship scene with the majority of their chipsets ending up being in the sub $400 smartphones. But from the past couple of years, Mediatek has been making amazing flagship SoCs. Their recent Dimensity 9000 actually has a better geekbench score than both the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and the Exynos 2200. So Samsung using the Mediatek chips on the Galaxy S23 is actually good news.

The report also mentions that half of the Galaxy S22 FE units scheduled to launch later this year will also be equipped with Mediatek chipsets. Now, Samsung switching to Mediatek doesn’t mean it’s the end of Exynos. Because Samsung’s CEO told its employees that Samsung will create a chipset tailor-made for the Galaxy smartphones and tablets just like how Apple makes their chipsets exclusively for their iPhones, iPads, and their mac lineup.

Now a lot of you may wonder, isn’t Exynos exactly that? Well, not really! You see Smasung Mobile and Samsung LSI are two different divisions in Samsung. Samsung’s LSI division makes the Exynos chips and it designs them in such a way that any smartphone maker can use them in their smartphones which means the Exynos chips are not exclusive to Samsung. Just like Vivo, Oppo, Samsung Mobile outsources the Exynos chips from Samsung’s LSI division.

But Samsung’s CEO said they will change that going forward! Now Samsung will make processors specifically for the Galaxy lineup of smartphones. This means the chipset will communicate better with other components in a phone since Samsung can tweak the chipset exactly to their needs. To be honest, this sounds great on paper but we’ve seen Samsung overpromise and under deliver especially with Exynos chipsets in the past. So I’m not really holding high expectations but still hoping that this new strategy change things for Samsung.


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