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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – THE ULTMATE FLAGSHIP

Samsung is bound to follow up on the s22 series with a sequel but what improvements could we see here’s all we know about the future device as this stage every year since 2010 samsung has released a new entry in its popular galaxy s flagship series and we’re expecting 2023 to continue the fine tradition it’s still early days for reliable rumors about this smartphone but in the video we’ve collected everything.

We know about it so far but before starting it if you guys are the samsung lovers then so one of the first nuggets of early information comes courtesy of ross young ceo of display supply chain consultants dscc he claims that the galaxy s23 will be codenamed project diamond within the company.

But it’s not yet clear if such a sparkling name will actually have any kind of bearing on the eventual product that’s released a leak from earlier speculated that samsung was working on the third foldable presumably rollable smartphone codenamed n4 but it was followed by another leak that suggested this third foldable was codenamed diamond well while project diamond is a real thing it has nothing to do with a foldable phone instead project diamond is the internal code name for the next year’s.

Galaxy s23 industry insider rossion confirms the speculation which we have also confirmed to be true it tacitly confirms that the galaxy s23 is already in development which is hardly surprising given that high-end smartphones take months to design slash develop it is far too early to speculate what the galaxy s23 will have in store for us other than next generation qualcomm slash exynos chipsets the latter should be something to look forward to as it will be the first silicon manufactured on samsung lsi 3nm gothi process.

Which is said to be more power efficient than traditional finfet designs on top of that following the trends of previous year it’s highly likely that will the next galaxy s phone running on the next generation flagship snapdragon or xeno’s chip depending on region the european variants of the galaxy s22 ran on the exinos 2200 while those in the rest of the world had the snapdragon 8 gen 1. so next year could well see the arrival of the exynos 2 300 and the snapdragon 8 gen 2 on the s23 series other than that.

The samsung galaxy s23 ultra could possibly use samsung’s 200 megapixel camera sensor although it will almost certainly not be the first to do so we can expect to see better 5g speeds thanks to qualcomm’s x70 modem and maybe even fast charging that breaches the four to five watt barrier although the latter seems like a pipe dream at this point from our experience using the s22 plus and s22 ultra we think that the battery is the key area for improvement in the upcoming s23 series while the other key features such as the screen camera and performance are among.

The best on any phones that you could buy the middling battery life is a real weak spot especially when compared to the likes of the iphone 13. the design of the s22 ultra also needs a bit of a rethink while the s22 and its plus size sibling both have an elegant camera module on the ultra we find that the lenses simply stick out collecting dust and failing to sit flush on any surfaces given.

That this is the brand’s premium handset there needs to be more thought going into both the appearance and its practicalities it used to be taken for granted that there would be a charging brick included in the box with any phone let alone a flagship nowadays you’ll be lucky to find one there yet with phones boosting their fast charging capabilities you’re on here it means that you’re missing out on the benefit if you don’t get a bundled in upgrade included mean you have to splash out yet more money on this key accessory.


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