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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – TOP 8 FEATURES

Samsung is one of the only few OEMs that still make great tablets and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the best they have to offer. It comes with a lot of new features so let’s take a look at the top 5 of them that make this tablet really stand out from the competition. The first one is of course the big 14.6″ OLED 120Hz display with minimal bezels something you can’t find elsewhere.

The display is bright, and color-rich, just like you’d expect from an OLED panel. It’s the kind of screen you just want to watch movies on forever. Not only big, but it’s also crazy thin which helps in holding the device for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, it has a notch in the top center of the screen. But the good thing is it’s discreet and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

You see iPads are great when you are talking about professional-level tools. One of them is Lumafusion. It is considered to be one of the best video editing apps that are available on iOS. And Samsung confirms that Lumafusion is coming to Android in the first half of this year. It’s not going to be limited to the Tab S8 Ultra, but the app experience is going to be better on the S8 Ultra thanks to its massive display.

Samsung has also improved the multi-window mode that lets you split the screen among three different apps and adjust the size of each window, a trick pulled from the Galaxy Fold 3’s software. Considering its massive display, the multi-window mode will come in very handy. Also just like its predecessor, it has DeX. And notable new features include the ability to work in portrait orientation and make the tablet a wireless touchscreen monitor for a paired PC or phone.

You can even drag and drop files between the devices, similar to Apple’s Universal Control feature between Macs and iPads. Just like the S22 Ultra, the S Pen of the Tab S8 Ultra also features the record low latency at 2.8ms for a supernatural writing or drawing experience. Samsung is clearly targeting hybrid and at-home workers with the Tab S8 Ultra, as it packs dual front cameras with support to up to 4K resolution for video calls as well as auto framing technology that automatically keeps you in focus during calls, while also zooming in or out to include new participants as they join you.

It also has the ability to blur the background on calls, and there’s a three-way mic with noise cancellation software for clear audio. The rear camera also has a 4K video recording capability just in case you need it. All in all with 16GB RAM, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and up to 1.5TB of storage the Tab S8 Ultra is the beefiest tablet out there and it takes the Android tablets to a whole new level.


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