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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – This is BIG SURPRISE

So hey everyone samsung has two variants of their early flagship galaxy smartwatch refreshed in various size for quite some time however in 2022 the korean giant may add a third type to the mix which will name the galaxy watch 5 pro for the time being yes guys according to the sam mobile source the korean company’s upcoming galaxy watch.

Range may include a pro model there is not a lot of information regarding the speculated galaxy watch 5 pro but it’s reported to have a massive 572 million per battery in comparison the largest galaxy watch for classic versions have a 361 million per battery so you can see the difference so the next watch would have an almost 60 percent larger capacity.

But it would still likely have a battery life of less than two days for the most intensive users and those who don’t turn on all the functions on the other hand would able to get more than 48 hours of use out of such a configuration which sounds exciting samsung may have made this step in order to fully compete with the apple watch series therefore i hope that in this case samsung has addressed certain flaws in order to compete with the incoming apple watch series.

First and foremost this is likely to be priced much more than the galaxy watch for classic 46mm which wasn’t cheap in the first place next we just have an unconfirmed rumor for now while the model number of the supposed watch 5 pro does appear in korean certification moving on the galaxy watch 5 and watch 5 classic will have larger batteries than their predecessors the galaxy watch 5 will most likely feature a 276 milliampere battery while the galaxy watch 5 classic.

Would have a 397 million per cell as previously reported samsung has a huge market share in the smartwatch business and they have released something new every year and this year it might be a third variant called the pro model no additional information has been revealed and even the rumors putative source have stated that watch 5 pro’s release isn’t confirmed yet implying that samsung might still abandon the project.

Let’s hope not and let’s hope that the watch 5 devices come with nicer bands than the watch for devices did so in a nutshell if you are dissatisfied with the battery life of the galaxy watch 4 there is a chance samsung may remedy the issue in the galaxy watch 5 series so what are your thoughts on this watch pro variant let me know in the comment section.


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