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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – This Is INCREDIBLE Offerings

So the Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the best smartwatches around thanks to its amazing display, design, faster chips and of course unique features like body fat measurement tools which basically tells you how much fat you have along with your muscle mass and water content. It marked a return to Google’s Wear OS platform after Samsung used its own Tizen software for several years.

Now, the Galaxy watch 5 will launch in August with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, details around the this smartwatch have started trickling in already. We have a new report from South Korea’s reputed publication the ETNews that meantions the highlighting feature of the Galaxy Watch 5. According to the report, the Watch 5 will sport a temperature sensor. Basically it measures your body temperature and let you know if you have signs of fever.

It may not be the first smartwatch to include temperature sensor, but it’s the first time a brand as big as Samsung is incorporating it into its wearable devices. Even the Apple Watch doesnt’ have it. You see skin temperature gets affected by various external factors such as exposure to sunlight and excersise. But Samsung developed a new technology where the sensor in the Watch 5 will not get affected by it and will give accurate results.

Interestingly, Samsung is also considering including the thermometer function on their new Galaxy buds as well where they are using a slightly different technology that can detect infrared wavelengths emitted from the eardrum to take temperature readings. With that said, the battery of the Galaxy Watch 5 has appeared in the regulatery listing which confirms that we’re going to see a bigger battery this time. How big? 11% bigger than the Watch 4.

We’re talking about the smaller variant, like always Samsung will launch the Watch 5 in two configurations, and you can be sure the bigger version will also see an increase in the capacity. Now one of the big complaints users have with the Watch 4 is the size of bezels. When a company like Apple is offering minimal bezels on their new watch, there was no excuse for Samsung to not do the same with the Watch 4.

But for some reason they didn’t do that and it’s highly likely that with the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung will finally trim down those bezels for a beautiful looking wearable and that could also mean a bigger display. To be clear. the report didn’t mention that Samsung is trimming the bezels down but the fact that they are including bigger batteries this time is a good indication that we’ll indeed get bigger displays with trimmed down bezels. Like I’ve said, Samsung will launch the Watch 5 along with the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic in August in an Unpacked Event alongside the Z Fold 4.


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