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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is back concept creator

Hey everyone i hope you all are doing well so when it comes to the foldable and flip phone samsung is the brand the galaxy z flip and z4 series have been so successful that samsung is the undisputed leader of the foldable smartphone sector in 2021 moving forward samsung is likely to release the galaxy z fold for the next generation galaxy z4 device this year related to that wakar khan a well-known smartphone concept designer.

Has created a new design that gave us a fair idea of what to expect from the samsung galaxy z fold for according to samsung’s foldable smartphone’s release schedule the galaxy z4 could arrive in q3 of this year in my opinion there are no more changes that can be made to the foldable phone for example the galaxy z fold was a very bad product because its display issue but samsung made it again and the company launched.

The g-fold ii with a punch hole design and then the z-fold 3 with the under display camera in the inner display see there is no more room for improvement of the device after that the z series has taken over the note series as of 2021 which has disappointed many new series lovers like myself but samsung is attempting to reclaim attention with its new galaxy s22 ultra which appears identical to the note series phone returning to the z-fold 4.

The phone’s concept video depicts a sleek phone please keep in mind that this is just an idea and there isn’t much information about the actual design accessible so take or rather weave the video with a grain of salt just like the previous year’s galaxy z43 the camera on the primary display is buried behind the panel at least in concept the bezels around the galaxy’s z-fold 4 aren’t thick furthermore.

The rear camera module is the only difference in the galaxy z fold 4 prototype the s pen is also visible and the housing for it can be found on the same side as the galaxy s22 ultra this pen is believed to be included in the galaxy z fold 4 while no confirmation has been given at so what do you think about this concept let me know in the comment section.


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