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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will offer this cool multitasking feature

So a couple of days ago I exclusively revealed the first real-life look at the Galaxy Z Flip 4 that shook the tech world. Major tech publications such as The Verge, 9to5Google, and many more have covered it and honestly, it feels awesome to see our channel get featured on these big sites. Today I have a lot more exclusive information about the upcoming Samsung products that you surely don’t want to miss but first, let’s talk about a really cool feature that you will get with the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

You see the biggest advantage of foldable smartphones especially the Z Fold lineup is its multitasking capability. Of course, Samsung’s regular flagships also multitask but they aren’t a match for what you can do with the Z Fold lineup. But to get to a multitasking screen, you have to open the task switcher view, tap on the app icon, and select multi-window as an option to open an app in split-screen or windowed mode. As you can see it takes a few steps to get there. And even though some people are okay with it, there’s definitely room for improvement. And that is what Samsung is doing with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and even Z Flip 4.

Samsung will add a swipe to enter a split-screen view according to Ice Universe. He didn’t give more details but it points to the devices coming with a gesture that will open apps in split-screen mode with a simple swipe which would speed things up considerably and will make multitasking much easier and more convenient than before. By the way, Samsung isn’t the first one to bring this feature. Oppo and Vivo have already integrated such functionality where swiping with two or three fingers will trigger split-screen mode. Now before moving to some exclusive information, let’s talk about the sponsor of this video Squarespace.

Squarespace is a platform that lets you create a website in a web browser without coding, and edit it easily thanks to a user-friendly content management system. Three things I like the most about Squarespace are, that the templates here are some of the most powerful yet some of the most simple I’ve ever used. They are also always getting updated and also it just gives you peace of mind. You never need to worry about patching or updating a website or installing new plugins. It’s all done for you behind the scenes. So Go to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, Moving on, you see a couple of days ago we saw that the crease on the Z Flip 4 has greatly improved. But what about the Z Fold 4.

Well, my source says the crease on the Z Fold 4 is about the same. Maybe a slight improvement but surely not as drastic as the Z Flip 4. Also, I see a lot of you were asking whether or not there is a DeX functionality on the Z Flip 4. Well, I can confirm it doesn’t have a DeX feature. Anyway, Samsung has also decided to reduce their profit margins for the Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 by 5% to keep the prices low. So it could mean the Z Flip 4 would be priced even lower than its predecessor. The Z Fold 4 however could have the same price tag. Now moving to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. I have some really cool information.

First, my source says the battery life on the Watch 5 Pro is phenomenal compared to the Watch 4. And that is courtesy of a significantly bigger battery. Second, he says the Watch 5 Pro looks much more premium than before. Now here’s where things get interesting. He confirms the rotating bezel is gone which is sad but Samsung is making up for it by introducing a new way to interact. First, the Watch 5 will look like the Watch 4 with a flat-screen but the watch 5 pro will have concave type bezels as in the bezels bump outwards, this helps your finger to swipe along the edge of the screen without accidentally touching the screen.

Plus, it also gives haptic feedback which makes you feel like you are rotating a real thing. I know it’s hard to imagine without showing you the actual photo which I’ll do when the time is right but for now my source mentions that this new touch input is so cool that he is completely okay with leaving the rotating bezel behind.


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