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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 could carry a larger battery

Samsung’s galaxy watch 5 could carry a larger battery than its predecessors this would fix one of the only major complaints about the galaxy watch 4. galaxy watch 5 to feature a bigger battery on both models for better wear os endurance samsung’s galaxy watch 4 is the best smart watch you can buy for android as it delivers not only the first experience built on top of wear os 3 but also some of the best features.

With all eyes on the upcoming galaxy watch 5 recent leaks have seemingly revealed that it could be one of the first mainstream smart watches to come with a built-in thermometer to measure body temperature a recent rumor also suggested that the 40 mm version of the watch could sport a larger battery than its galaxy watch 4 counterpart the latest developments now suggest that.

The larger variants could also get the same treatment however battery life is a little less than ideal but the galaxy watch 5 may step it up a bit a certification spotted by sam mobile depicts the actual battery cell that’s expected to arrive in smaller versions of the galaxy watch 5. the battery carries a capacity of 276 mr for comparison the galaxy watch 4 shipped with a 247 m a battery in its smaller model while the larger version.

Offered up a 361 and masal it’s highly unlikely that the larger model would see a battery size decrease of nearly 100 mah so it’s a pretty safe assumption that this cell is designed for samsung’s smaller model while roughly 30m ah isn’t a huge increase the roughly 11 boost would surely make a noticeable impact on real-world endurance extended battery capacity would be great news especially for the smaller size options samsung’s existing smart watches.

Have lackluster battery life that are only exacerbated on the 40mm variant as we found in our review last year the smaller model barely lasts a full day at times dime overnight over a week with the 40 mm watch 4 showed me that it just can’t keep up the battery will last a day under most conditions but there were at least two days where i was able to drain it enough to get a power saving warning well before bedtime and even with that power saving.

The watch still died overnight while tracking my sleep the galaxy watch 4 is already a feature pack device offering body composition analysis in ecg with the galaxy watch 5 samsung is expected to provide a skin temperature sensor for even more complete health and fitness tracking the smartwatch could launch sometime in the second half of this year alongside the galaxy z fold 4 and the galaxy z flip 4. while recent reports have suggested that the galaxy watch 5 will get major hardware upgrades over its predecessors it is very likely that hardware components are not the only upgrade.

Samsung is planning for its next-gen smart watches with software features often seen as the ultimate deciding factor for consumers there should also be a number of improvements on the software side as well samsung’s galaxy watch 5 will likely run the latest version of google’s were os with exclusive features and enhanced health tracking making it one of the leading competitors against apple’s upcoming watch series 8. so will it be a great step to increase a little amount of battery what do you guys think about this let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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