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Hey everyone i hope you all are doing well so unlike lg which has abandoned the smartphone market entirely and htc whose phones have gone from worldwide innovators to industry jokes in recent years sony continues to produce high-end mobile devices with ambitious price tags while low to mid-range xperia l and xperia r lines.

Appears to dead out the premium xperia 1 and xperia 5 families are expected to expand in near future the 4th generation xperia 1 4 is the latest addition to the sony’s xperia 1 series exclusive renders of the next sony xperia 1 4 have leaked online along with some new details in terms of display it appears like sony is following apple’s lead in not modifying the front display design the xperia 1 4 is carbon copy of its predecessor.

The xperia 1 mark iii when it comes to design the sony xperia 1 for exclusive 5k render photos gig’s nest has opted and leave a lot to the imagination the phone will similarly have flat edge design but with slightly different dimensions than the previous generation device next xperia 1 4 will have flat edges front panel with a small selfie camera placed in top bezels no punctual cutout or water drop notch an elongated vertical camera module with three sensors.

And an led flash is located on the back panel the sim card tray as well as the usb type-c port for charging and data transfer are all visible on the bottom panel the 3.5 mm headphone jack is located on the upper left of the top frame of the phone the phone’s left panel is divided off buttons however the right spine housed the volume power and shutter keys the dedicated google assistant key that was featured on the previous generation models appears to have emitted.

Our source has confirmed this as well in comparison to already excellent 12 gigs of ram packing one mark 3 with 4k hdr oled panel in two the xperia 14 doesn’t have much space to implement in the display and memory sector but the three rare 12 megapixel shooter might definitely improve unfortunately.

That’s about all i can predict right now that and hefty beginning price of well over one thousand dollars in the united states the unlocked xperia one mark iii still cost exorbitant 1300 dollars and there is no reason to believe the next iteration will be any less expensive so what do you think about this new xperia phone let me know in the comment section.


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