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Sony Xperia Ace 3’s first render images has been surfaced

Hey guys i hope you all are doing well so despite its outdated look the newly released iphone sc 2022 is predicted to sell like a hot cake in various areas there aren’t many small sized android handset to compete with it in the android phone market however sony looks to be alterating its mind as a new render shows a new smartphone with an iphone sc like tiny form the sony xperia ace 3 is a small and lightweight smartphone according to its name the phone will successor.

The xperia h2 that was introduced in japan in 2021 and will include a friend design that is a carbon replica of xperia h2 sony appears to be returning to the smartphone market in 2022 in my view sony phones are fantastic but they need to do more marketing and maintain the pricing competitive with the other oems in the market onlinx provided.

The sony xperia s3 renders via zolage the renderings highlight the device’s small dew drop notch display this smartphone spots the 5.5 inches display with the substantial bezels despite its trendy design it features a large chin on the bottom similar to the previous ace versions apart from its tiny form this is where the interesting part begins the cpu is the first thing we noticed in a smartphone and.

The sony s3 is said to be powered by qualcomm snapdragon 888 soc but given that this is an affordable phone and that the company’s smallest flagship the 6.1 inches xperia 5 mark iii sells for 1000 dollars i believe it’s a very impossible the business is rumored to be working on its successor the 6.1 inches xperia mark 4 which will be powered by snapdragon 8th gen 1 plus which has yet to be unveiled the s3 will most likely be equipped with the mid-range chip for example the helio p35 chipset powers the h2 it remains to be seen if the smartphone will be accessible in the region other than japan otherwise.

The fans of the small android phones will have to consider the samsung galaxy s 22 google pixel 5 asus zenfone 8 or the tiny pump phones the device’s basic specs are still a secret as are the availability and pricing details but the zoolage is guessing that it will reach the stores in june and that the price would start at 327 dollars making it more costly than the h2 which was debuted for 190 dollars so what do you think about this sony’s compact phone let me know in the comment box.


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