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TCL Ultra Flex might be the TCL’s next folding phone

Hey everyone i hope you all are doing well so as we all know mwc 2022 is taking place and every smartphone manufacturers is showcasing their unique gadgets prototypes and concept designs that they will employ in future tcl a tech company has unveiled its foldable smartphone idea it has a 8 inches display and a 360 degree rotating hinge yes you heard it correctly it is a 360 degree foldable phone.

Along with a slew of new phones and tablets the business also unveiled a prototype phone debuted ultra flex that features a 360 degree rotating hinge and flexible display that bends with it that means it can fold in on itself as well as outwards towards the outside world this is a technically difficult prospect since the screen much stretched significantly more than screens that just bend one way the strip directly above the hinge in particular would most likely be stretched.

tcl’s vision of a smartphone with two waves to extend its display is represented by fold and roll it can fold like the current crop of foldable phones but the left side of the display panel can also roll out horizontally to increase the amount of the space available on the tcl ultraflex the display is actually fairly huge in actuality the plp amoled screen is 8 inches wide and boost a resolution of 2480 by 1860 pixels there is obviously a lot of potential for a pretty sleek smartphone.

If this concept ever became a full-fledged market product the multiflexible features for example increases usability individual and developers with a creative mindset may be able to find a variety of users for it when paired with a suitable stylus the huge screen and foldability make for an excellent note taking gadget that is another feature that we hope tcl would seriously consider adding to the production schedule while the tcl ultraflex appears to be fantastic gadget for the smartphone enthusiast it’s crucial to remember that it’s only a concept.

At the end of the day all that glitter is not gold and idea gadgets particularly this won’t require a great deal of work but the company has promised that it plans to launch a foldable phone that cost hundreds less than the competition though that has said to happen we did see a cancelled product last year codename chicago it was very similar to samsung’s galaxy z flip 3. so what do you think about this future folding phone let me know in the comment section.


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