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Telenor Monthly IMO Package Offer Bundle 2022

Telenor Monthly IMO Package Offer Bundle get 2GB Data Internet for Monthly Bundle 2022

With the Telenor Monthly IMO Package, enjoy video calling and messaging for the whole month in Rs. 50 Now you can share memes, video call and send audio notes all day and all night throughout the whole month on your favorite app. Say hello to More se Zyada tension-free texting and chatting!

Some people use the IMO app to communicate with their loved ones. Because it’s a great way to meet relatives and friends or loved ones living in other cities.

Telenor IMO Package

Now for those Telenor users who just wanted to put the IMO package on their SIM. Monthly IMO has come up with an offer for them. In it, the user gets 2000 MB to use the IMO app for only 45 rupees.

If you want to avail of this offer on Telenor SIM dial *466#);-

Telenor IMO Package Code

The code to activate and deactivate the Telenor IMO package is provided below.

Package Only IMO
Data 2000MB
Price Rs. 50
Validity 30 days
Sub-Code *466#
Check code *999#
Unsubscribe N/A

This offer can not be unsubscribed. It will be deactivated at its expiry date.

How to Activate Telenor IMO Package

You can easily activate Telenor IMO monthly package by dialing *466# on your SIM. In addition, this offer can be availed from the My Telenor app.

Terms & Conditions

  • If resources finish before the bundle expires, the customer will be charged at Rs 1/MB incl. tax till the bundle expires
  • Resources & their validity from multiple subscriptions of this offer are independent of each other and will not merge
  • This offer can be subscribed multiple times within validity
  • All Telenor GSM Prepaid customers are eligible for this offer
  • This bundle will not be renewed once it expires
  • Call Setup Charges are not applicable for this bundle
  • Price & Resources may vary based on geographic location


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