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The Nothing Phone 1 and Nothing OS are coming

So the nothing phone one and nothing os are now soda official and the exciting part is they are coming this summer that is may june phone one is gonna be a breath of fresh air to the sleepy smartphone market the whole team is super excited for you to experience it later this summer now the question is if this is a flagship device with powerful qualcomm’s 8 series.

Silicon or is it a low-end device so the ceo of nothing had a conversation with wired they say it is a flagship bothering high spec budget device so yes can assume it is coming with a high cpu maybe they’ll use 870 or 8 gen 1 or something similar to that but thing is it’s not gonna be expensive yes their basic idea is to reincarnate.

The oneplus one and xiaomi poco like devices a cost cutting corners in terms of design but giving an amazing performance at an aggressive price see thing is the competition is tough like we have the pixel 6 at 499 dollars the new iphone se is 429 samsung says 21 fees 599 699 so if they are aiming apple and oneplus without any doubt they have to use a flagship level.

Silicon or else people would buy an iphone or samsung or pixel even if it costs them a little more it is crowded it is tough to stand out in the market and we are picking fights with trillion dollar companies now this is how the nothing phone may look like currency ban guest skin we may see a full screen display.

Display with center hole punch by samsung because the ui match is same the rear design is gonna be like this we have wireless charging which is a flagship level spec dual cameras without any fillers and at this point i think main and periscope sensors are more than enough for a basic usage nothing may use a transparent back panel.

Which is the key design language like the xiaomi mi 9 and xiaomi 10 ultra the icing on cake samsung sony qualcomm and google are helping nothing for this project so of course we’ll see hardware and software combination from these brands plenty before us have tried and plenty more have failed if not us then some official images of nothing os consistent ui the awesome part is they say they want to make each ui element interactive fast and smooth.

You guys can see in this voice recorder we have a track player which you can use and interact with to rewind or forward the recording you also the quick settings has this new smart stack widget which you can swipe to see the battery level of connected devices in this case year one and tesla this all guys nothing phone one is likely a high spec mid tier design device so thanks so much.


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