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The Sony Exmor IMX 800 World’s biggest global smartphone

Sony is breaking samsung’s record what’s up guys so as we know sony is the king of cameras not just in professional world but also in the smartphone world but things quickly changed since last two years when samsung stepped up its game unleashing its range of iso-cell cameras that we have seen on so many phones from mid-range phones which includes some of the best-linked phones from xiaomi to even flagship phones.

Like the pixel 6 series and the me 11 ultra it was all good but this year things are changing as manufacturers are going back to sony is about to break samsung’s record and bring out the biggest sensor bigger than the azure cell gn2 the exmor imx 850 megapixel sensor is on its way this is going to be the biggest camera sensor on a global flagship i know we have seen the sharp r6 smartphone that has the one inch sensor but that’s only available in japan.

So this sony sensor will be truly global according to the info coming from weibo many brands are currently testing out the new exmor imx 800 sensor for their flagships and we could actually see this coming on the xiaomi mi 12 ultra which is going to be the ultimate galaxy s22 ultra rival the imx 800 is the biggest reason why xiaomi didn’t go for the samsung 200 megapixel hp1 sensor sony has pretty much taken xiaomi back from samsung even vivo is included in this list with oppo and oneplus already using sony sensors the only current brand that.

Is adopting the flagship hp one two hundred megawatt sensor from samsung is motorola hopefully samsung will step up their game and bring out an even bigger sensor than the imx 800 with their gn series and hopefully they’ll get xiaomi back they may have lost some flagship customers but they still got a really strong mid-range presence apparently samsung is preparing a new 108 mega sensor which is going to be iso cell hm6 it’s set to debut on a real me 9 mid-range phone i’m actually a bit confused about the naming because we know that the hm3 is the flagship sensor.

That we have on the s22 ultra so is hm6 better than the s2 ultra sensor probably not i’m pretty sure it’s a mid-range sensor but naming is very odd according to realme this sensor will bring brighter photos and better color reproduction when shooting in low light situations all in all samsung still has decent mid-range phones up their belt but sony has definitely taken some of the flagships in the game.

I can’t wait to see the imx 800 sensor which is going to be the biggest sensor on global flagships possibly coming out with the upcoming me12 ultra now speaking of xiaomi they are also caught slowing down some of their apps just like samsung and now they have actually officially responded to the whole drama their statement is very similar to samsung which is to manage power consumption and thermal so that.

The phone doesn’t get hot during long term gaming sessions but the issue is all of this optimization doesn’t apply to benchmark apps which is the reason why samsung got banned by geekbench in the first place and this is exactly why xiaomi can also get the ban geekbench founder and president john poole officially provided a statement saying they are currently investigating number of xiaomi handsets that are affected with this optimization thing.

And they’re actually going to de-list slash ban xiaomi handsets from this benchmark chart later this week this is going to be a big blow to their reputation just like what samsung faced i mean whether you and i care about benchmarks or not these brands clearly do which is why they will optimize and slow down other applications like games but then clearly exclude benchmark applications so that they have high numbers so that’s all that is new super excited for the sony imx 800 sensor and yeah let me know what you think about this in the comments below.


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