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Xiaomi 12 ultra is the next flagship phone from Xiaomi

Hey everyone i hope you all are doing well so in december of last year xiaomi introduced three flagship smartphones the xiaomi 12 12 pro and 12x while leaving a fourth ultra module unannounced while the phone hasn’t been formally tased various leaks have given us a glimpse of what to expect we have also seen some renders of the phone which will feature.

The biggest camera hump we have seen ever on a smartphone the phone was rumored to be released in the first quarter of 2021 but that appears to have been postponed according to the tipster digital chat station via iit home an engineering region of the gadget was observed in january using the normal snapdragon 8 gen1 processor most likely for the testing purpose.

However xiaomi appears to be planning to release the 12 ultra with the snapdragon 8gen 1 plus which has caused the device to be delayed it is possible that the corporation is having difficulty obtaining enough stock of the future processor the xiaomi 12 ultras rear camera module is expected to take an circular design and sit in the center of the big area that spans particularly the whole top half of the phone according to the previous rumors.

The camera module will most likely have three lenses a main camera in middle a periscope telephoto camera and an ultra wide angle snapper xiaomi will most likely perform some fantastic stuff in the following days looking at this phone it appears that it will compete with the galaxy s 22 ultra iphone 13 pro max and the incoming oneplus 10 ultra it will include all of the major features of 2022 right out of the box according to a recent source xiaomi’s future flagship.

Will have a charging maximum of 120 watt and 4900 milliamp hour battery the xiaomi 12 pro has a slightly smaller 4 600 milliamp hour battery but supports xiaomi’s 120 watt fast charging technology the battery capacity is still smaller than that of the mate 12 ultra which comes with a 5000mah battery the two leaked photos of the phone from back in black and white have surfaced displaying the design once more they also stated.

That the phone would have sony’s latest imx 800 camera sensor so we have to wait and see what the new sony sensor has to offer xiaomi hasn’t said anything regarding a global debut of the 12 series so we will have to wait for a while longer so what do you think about this xiaomi 12 ultra phone let me know in the comment section below with that said subscribe if you like and i will see you in the next one.


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