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Xiaomi 12 Ultra – MAX Out FLAGSHIP

So hey everyone xiaomi is actually pulling off the impossible with each single flagship smartphone devices like the xiaomi mix ultra mix 4 mi 10 ultra and mi 11 ultra yep all of them are maxed out sci-fi flagship devices and now xiaomi is about to burst the boundaries once again the xiaomi 12 ultra is coming soon according to the miui source code and the good news is that xiaomi is teaming up with the leica for color tuning or maybe lynch development on this future.

Xiaomi flagship handset so the xiaomi 12 ultra will offer four leica filters like a monochrome like a monochrome high contrast like a natural and vivid this is a major news since we have seen how well huawei does with leica on their side and this will undoubtedly push the camera game to the next level xiaomi flagship can without a doubt produce excellent photographs and i believe that with this relationship xiaomi will able to outperform top players such as samsung now coming to the design here is the xiaomi 12 ultra’s first poster via shadow lake.

Which reveals a similar design to what we saw in the case pictures and the metal mock-up product using cid images as you can see the back compresses a large squarish model with a circular module on the top housing a camera supporting sensor and an led flash to top it all off there is a leica branding in the upper right corner a fresh chinese rumors has emerged revealing some of the design features of the impending.

Xiaomi 12 ultra we already have a fair notion of how the phone will appear but the latest rumor fills in the blanks in terms of materials and colors to some extent at least while the xiaomi mi 11 ultra had only one ceramic variant last year the firm wants to give you an option this time the xiaomi 12 ultra is expected to be available in three different finishes glass ceramic and vegan leather the first choice will be available in variety of colors.

While the ceramic iteration will only be available in black and white and the colors of the vegan leather configuration are yet unclear it goes without saying that the ceramic choice will be somewhat more expensive than the gloss option since it is more difficult to form but it will be more durable in return so in a nutshell xiaomi is doing an excellent job and i hope they continue to do so in the future if any additional information comes to the light regarding this i will make sure to keep you all up to date so stay tuned and make sure to return for the newest tech news just like this so what do you think about the xiaomi’s flagship phone let me know in the comment section.


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