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Xiaomi 12 Ultra – RELEASE DATE IS HERE

Xiaomi 12 ultra alleged official poster reveals reveals launch date it was expected that the xiaomi 12 ultra would be launched alongside the xiaomi 12 xiaomi 12x and xiaomi 12 pro in china with the launch event for the three held back in december 2021 when that did not happen the release date was unofficially set for march given the my 11 altru was made available during the same time.

But an alleged poster now shows that the xiaomi 12 ultra could be launched on may 10th shared by ben jeskin on twitter the alleged poster only mentions the name of the device its launch date and that it will be powered by the snapdragon 810 oneplus processor while the thing does look quite convincing it isn’t clear if it’s the real deal or not the snapdragon 8 gen 1 plus is an unannounced chip so its appearance on a poster looks far-fetched.

But even if false all fingers do seem to be pointing toward a may launch for the device while the image has convinced some leakers ice universe asserts that it has been faked unfortunately we have not been unable to verify the image authenticity so we would recommend treating it with skepticism for the time being a new report that cited reliable tipster mukul sharma as the source revealed the month when it will be made official recent reports have revealed that.

The xiaomi 12 ultra will be equipped with a 6.73 inch e5 ammo display which uses ltpod’s 2.0 technology it is expected to carry support for 10-bit colors and has a 120 hertz refresh rate according to digital chat station the flagship phone will continue to use ceramic for its rear and will be sold in at least white and black color options last week kakur skr’s ipac shared snippets pointing towards xiaomi’s impending partnership with leica which is rumored to start with the xiaomi 12 ultra supposedly.

Xiaomi will also be one of qualcomm’s first partners to release a device with the snapdragon 8 gen 1 plus along with lenovo oneplus and motorola for one we cannot find the image on any of xiaomi’s weibo channels nor those of its executives coincidentally xiaomi has started offering the 11 ultra at a discount having released the device last year typically this indicates that xiaomi is about to replace the 11 ultra with the successor especially.

As the device has now reached its first anniversary reputedly the first snapdragon 8 gen 1 plus handsets will not arrive until june so it remains to be seen how accurate this poster is so what do you guys think about this poster leak let me know your thoughts in the comment section .


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