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Xiaomi 12S Ultra is know officially launching on 4th of July

so hey everyone xiaomi has finally now revealed the xiaomi 12s ultra’s release date yes it is now known as t12s ultra the xiaomi 12s ultra which has been subject of leaks and rumors over previous few months the company even teased the back design of all three smartphones in the xiaomi 12s via a promotional poster we all know that xiaomi has collaborated with leica to produce high quality images but it was unclear which sensor the company would use for the 12s ultra nevertheless it is now official.

that the brand will employ the imx 989 a brand new 1 inches camera sensor from sony the 12s ultra will be the first smartphone to feature this one inches sensor which has never been used in a mobile device before the manufacturer has acknowledged that the imx 989 has a large 1 inch sensor this sensor’s huge size will allow for large pixel size and higher light capture especially in dim lighting conditions additionally it will deliver a superior dynamic range performance and faster focusing speed the 12s ultra’s amazing camera module will surely be the center of attention it will make use of the aforementioned sony sensor in addition.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra is know officially launching on 4th of July
Xiaomi 12S Ultra is know officially launching on 4th of July

to leica’s top notch camera technology with the xiaomi 12s ultra the chinese tech giant claims to bring a new height of mobile imaging flagship according to early reports the sony’s imx 989 would have a 50 megapixel sensor there are rumors that a 48 megapixel 5x telephoto and a 48 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor will be used in addition to the main sensor the xiaomi 12s ultra is probably going to provide great image and video quality based on the specifics the xiaomi photography industry may undergo a revolution owing to the smartphone.

as previously announced the xiaomi 12s ultra will launch in china on 4th of july the latest snapdragon 8 plus gen1 associ from qualcomm is anticipated to power the phone along with up to 12 gigs of 5 ram and 512 gigs of ufs 2.1 storage a 4 800 milliamp battery with 67 watt wired and 50 watt wireless charging capabilities is most likely included it will come pre-installed with miui 13 based on android 12. in any case this significant increase in camera sensor size that sony and xiaomi are promoting will be welcomed by enthusiast of mobile photography unfortunately a global release for the xiaomi 12s ultra is not planned at this time xiaomi is extremely likely to keep the full 12s exclusive to the chinese market so what do you think about the xiaomi 12s ultra let me know in the comment section below.


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