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ZONG Sim Lagao Offer 2022

ZONG Sim Lagao offer 2022 – Free Minutes, Internet Data and SMS

Zong is a well-known Pakistani Telecom Company. It has released a new SIM Lagao Offer which is explained in detail in this article. Those customers, who for 30 days have not used their Zong SIM, are eligible for the bonus offers. You must dial *2244# to receive this exciting offer.

With Zong sim lagao offer Now Zong is providing exciting offers to its customers who had not used their sims for the last 30 days. Zong customers can enjoy the best calls, text messages, and Internet Mbs by dialing zong band sim offer code.

The customers who did not use their sims for the last 30 days can get free 6000 Zong minutes, SMS and 3000 MB 4G Internet data for 60 days. Even more, these resources will be available on a daily basis in parts for Sim Lagao Offer.

In today’s fast-paced networking environment, if a customer is unhappy with their network, he will automatically switch to another. As a result, telecommunications companies must ensure that their customers are satisfied with the offers and packages they provide and that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

Package Zong SIM Lagao Offer
Price Rs. 0 Incl. Tax
Internet 8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB WhatsApp)
Zong Minutes 6000 minutes
Free SMS 6000 SMS
Validity 60 Days
How to subscribe Dial *2244#

Check Remaining Free (Minutes, Internet, SMS)

You can check all free minutes by opting for the below-given code. You can dial any of the codes for checking your specific

  • Dial *102*1# for checking summary of free resources.
  • Dial *102*2# for free minutes.
  • Dial *102*3# for remaining sms.
  • Dial *102*4# for free Internet remaining

How To Activate Zong sim Lagao offer

  • This offer is valid only if the customer has not used his SIM for 30 days
  • You must recharge your account balance of 50 PKR
  • Just dial *2244#
  • After this, you will get a confirmation message and you can enjoy Zong band sim offer.

How To Check Remainings

By dialing the code *102# *1#, you will get a message which will show you all the remaining minutes, text messages and Mbs. After dialing this code, you will receive a message that will remind you of the remaining data on the Zong SIM card. Check zong codes below or visit Zong remaining check code.

Zong is Pakistan’s 2nd largest mobile network with more than 59 million users. And its Zong sim lagao offer is very best for all new customers. Check also Zong Call Packages and Zong balance share service.

Since more than 20 years ago, zong keeps a leading position in the business through joint concept resolutions, the most powerful brands and the largest joining of digital value-added services.

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions applied
  • The offer is for prepaid handset subscribers only
  • This offer is only for prepaid Zong customers.
  • Postpaid customers cannot apply for this offer
  • Download My Zong App for easy access to Zong sim Lagao offer
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • Unwanted and unreasonable messages can report by texting the SENDER’s NUMBER to 9000 –PTA


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